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About Shirohana flowers

Founded in 1986, Shirohana began operations in an era when quality greenhouse-grown flowers and chic flower shops were not in existence. With the objective to offer fresh, beautiful flowers to customers, Shirohana’s first shop was opened in Galle Face over 20 years ago, with a signature style of using antique and reclaimed objects together with stylish flower arrangements. A novel idea at the time, the concept of flower shops introduced by Shirohana began to set new trends in Sri Lanka, changing the perception of many people concerning the notion of sending flowers as gifts.

Over the years, Shirohana’s chain of sensational flower shops instantaneously became popular and was immensely accepted by an increasing number of people who began a custom of presenting flowers as gifts in Sri Lanka. Today, our flower shops are located in the most exclusive locations in Colombo including Colombo 03, 04, 07 and 08. In addition, we also have branches in Negombo and Kandy.

Currently, the market for flowers has grown at a tremendous pace with Shirohana contributing to developing this trend by making beautiful flowers easily available. As the pioneering leader in the cut-flower industry, our goal is to develop an interest in flowers amongst a generation of retail customers to convey their sweetest sentiments to their family, friends and loved ones – no matter the occasion.

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